Find insights in data with one click

Kanaries Addon - RATH, the autopilot for exploratory data analysis


Get Insights with One Click

Get Insights with One Click

Augmented analytic engine for discovering patterns, insights, and causals. A fully-automated way to explore and visualize dataset with one click.

Related Insights based on your focus

Related Insights based on your focus

RATH will work as your copilot in data science, learn your intends and generate relevant recommendations.

Data Painter

Data Painter

Transform, clean and explain data like painting, All you need is your finger.

Causal Analysis

Causal Analysis

Identify and examine the causal relationship between variables, which can help explore the data, create better prediction models and make business decission.

Boost your productivity with Kanaries Augmented Analytics

Redefine the workflow of data wrangling, exploration and visualization with AI-powered automation.


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  • Connect to PyGWalker
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  • Addon: RATH, autopilot for EDA
  • Dashboard and data app sharing
  • GPT-powered data exploration
  • Team collaboration
  • More data sources (DuckDB, PG, Snowflake, etc.)
  • Build visualizations with drag-and-drop / chat interface



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